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There are many aspects, for example, services, their commissions for transactions and support of necessary tools for you, that should be taken into account for your investments to be profitable. Thus, your investment will be the most profitable.To begin with, let's consider ways of buying cryptocurrency. You can buy through bank cards, through electronic payment systems (these include QIWI, WebMoney, YouMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, Epay, Neteller, Capitalist, Paxum, NixMoney, Skrill, PayPal, etc.), cash in various currencies or from your cell phone balance.CENTRALIZED CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGES (CEX)­čĹŹ┬áThe advantage of CEX is a wide choice of cryptocurrencies and has the lowest inter-exchange fee.­čĹÄ┬áThe disadvantage is custodial service, withdrawal of fiat currencies from 3%, as well as token withdrawal fee can be high.Available options: a limited set of EPS.Examples of CEX: Binance, Coinbase, FTX, Kraken, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Poloniex, etc.DECENTRALIZED CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGES (DEX)­čĹŹ┬áAdvantages: no storage required and full anonymization.­čĹÄ┬áDisadvantages: choice is limited; no ability to work with fiat currencies.Available options: tokenized assets only, as well as stabelcoins.Examples of DEX: Uniswap, PancakeSwap, dYdX, DODO, Balancer, SushiSwap, etc.PEER-TO-PEER (P2P) SITES­čĹŹ┬áAdvantages: Lowest commission.­čĹÄ┬áDisadvantages: custodial service; limited options; multiple transactions required to purchase large volumes; risk of getting "dirty" money.Available options: bank card processing; limited list of cryptocurrencies and stabelcoins.Examples of P2P: Cryptolocator, Binance P2P, LocalBitcoins, LocalCryptos, Paxful, Monabey, Bitpapa, HodlHodl, etc.With the help of aggregators, you can sort out the variety of offers on several sites at once. Monetory is similar.EXCHANGERS­čĹŹ┬áAdvantages: a lot of exchange options, some of them do not require verification.­čĹÄ┬áDisadvantages: custodial service, average commissions.Available options: a lot of methods of deposit and withdrawal, including cashExamples of exchangers: Mine, NetEx24, WmExpress, 365Cash, ExHub, NixExchange,, etc.You should choose exchangers via aggregators such as┬áBestChange┬áservice because of fraud risks.Exchangers have a balance between security and profit, if you want to get more profit, you can take a risk. Exchangers have advantages of P2P in terms of less attention to AML / KYC procedures and low commissions.ELECTRONIC PAYMENT SYSTEMS­čĹŹ┬áAdvantages: convenience, minimal transaction fees.­čĹÄ┬áDisadvantages: custodial service; average commissions; many EPS are licensed and may exchange information with tax authorities.Available options: bank cards and other wire transfers.Examples: PayPal, WebMoney, Advanced Cash, Payeer, Perfect Money, etc.CRYPTOCURRENCY WALLETS WITH INBUILT PURCHASE­čĹŹ┬áAdvantages: convenience, economical transactions.­čĹÄ┬áDisadvantages: high commission, sometimes there are custodial servicesAvailable options: bank cards [Visa / MasterCard].Examples: Trust Wallet, Atomic Wallet,, Jaxx, Exodus, etc...BROKERS, BANKS AND FINTECH­čĹŹ┬áAdvantages: all transactions are legal.­čĹÄ┬áDisadvantages: custodial services, which are fully controlled by tax authorities; average fees; very small selection of cryptocurrencies.Available options: bank cards and other non-cash transfers [Visa / MasterCard].Examples: Revolut, Robinhood, Banxa, Nexo, etc.ATMS, BITCOIN TERMINALS [CRYPTO MACHINES]­čĹŹ┬áAdvantages: complete anonymity.­čĹÄ┬áDisadvantages: physical accessibility; high commissions; possibility to buy only bitcoin.Available alternatives: in cash, sometimes you can withdraw to bank cards or EPS.Examples: Coinstar, BBFPro, etc.There is also an option to buy directly from people. For example, from friends or acquaintances, as well as through advertising sites. This method has a lot of risks and it is better not to use it. More and more often investors buy cryptocurrency from miners, but also this way is risky and with high commissions. Cryptocurrency from miners are "clean" and have a high price.Each method has its advantages, disadvantages and of course risks.In order to minimize the loss of funds it is necessary to carefully double-check the data before buying, you should not use little-known services and before buying to make a few test purchases.

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